Thaw Cure Heat

Trench and Footing Frost Removal

Lay heat hose in long parallel lines approximately 16" apart to effectively thaw trenches or keep footings frost-free. Cover the hose with construction blankets to increase efficiency.

Frost Prevention

When used properly, the Thawzall system can efficiently prevent frost from invading (or returning to) your construction zone. Since less heat is needed to prevent frost, larger areas can easily be maintained frost-free.


It may be economically feasible to use Thawzall HeatZone™ equipment to keep the ground from freezing in late fall or early winter as the use of fuel will be significantly less as compared to a deep thaw project later on into the winter season.

  1. Prepare Site.
    • Smooth the site and remove all debris.
  2. Position Hose.
    • Use 24” (610mm) centers for optimum hose coverage.
  3. Spread thermal blankets.
    • Lay a crisscross layer of thermal blankets (at least 2 layers) over the hose to minimize heat loss and retain natural ground heat.
  4. Optimize return temperature of HTF (Heat Transfer Fluid).
    • Monitor and set Thawzall’s patented HeatZone™ system to evenly distribute and accurately control HTF return temperature so that ground temperature stabilizes at or above 50ºF (10°C).
    • Do NOT reduce furnace temperature setting to reduce furnace temperature – this will reduce process efficacy and shorten furnace life.