Industry Applications

Frost Prevention

The Thawzall glycol machines can be used for frost prevention for when Mother Nature's schedule is ahead of your schedule! Thawzall glycol heaters can be used for frost prevention up to an area of 27,000 square feet with the use of Thawzall accessories. The Thawzall machine can be used for frost prevention when the site is prepped for a pour ahead of schedule and rescheduling the pour is an issue. It also can be used for the prevention of ground frost or freezing once the temperatures start falling below 32 degrees, or when the temperatures start to fall before you can get to the site.

Thawzall’s H1350 and H750 flameless heater technology have been accepted as the most reliable heater with the most CFM and static pressure and with the least amount of maintenance over any fluid shearing flameless heater on the market.

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