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Thawzall partners with Brooks Equipment Construction

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This system is so simple, easy to operate
and efficient - it will revolutionize the
'flameless heat market'!

Thawzall thaws faster and more evenly
and uses half the fuel of the nearest
competitor ~Innovative Builders, 2014

Flameless Heaters

Thawzall flameless heaters are the highest output, most efficient heaters on the market.

Thawzall flameless heaters deliver "real Btus", "real heat" regardless of the coldest ambient temperature environment!

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Glycol Heaters

Thawzall glycol heaters are based on the science of heat transfer—volume and temperature with low ΔT—the most fuel efficient glycol heaters available today.

Thawzall glycol heaters are used for a myriad of applications—Ground thawing, cold weather concreting, temporary heat for the construction, oil and gas trades.

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Nationwide Dealer Locations

Our product is American made and globally acclaimed. To find a dealer near you please contact us.

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Our Story

The idea of our portable hydronic heating system with multiple heat zones was conceived in a workshop in Alexandria, Minnesota by a Norwegian plumber.

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