Industry Applications

Ground Heating

The Thawzall machine provides even and uniform heat to the ground for thawing applications. It is easy to use, reliable, dependable, and fuel efficient; no other glycol heater on the market can beat it. Generator options are available to add value to the machine, making it easier to use somewhere power is not easily accessible. The current Thawzall TCH250 model is versatile enough for small and large jobs. The TCH 250 uses five 600 foot hoses, so you could use just one hose or up to all five depending on the area to be thawed. With the current TCH250 it can cover 3000 square feet when spacing the hoses 1 foot on center hose and up to 6000 square feet using 2 foot on center spacing. Thawzall does not recommend spacing of hoses greater than 2 foot on centers for thawing applications.

Thawzall’s H1350 and H750 flameless heater technology have been accepted as the most reliable heater with the most CFM and static pressure and with the least amount of maintenance over any fluid shearing flameless heater on the market.

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