• Superior THAW, CURE, HEAT for any job. Delivers a blistering 250 MBH of heat with unparalleled uniformity thru 5 separate 600’ (182m) zones. It THAWS more quickly, CURES more evenly, and saves a minimum of 24 gallons (91 liters) of fuel per day over its closest competitor.
  • Newly designed “series flow pattern” provides more flow for better heat transfer.
  • Easy Operator Interface – newly designed control box located at rear passenger side.
  • All controls in one place for easier operator interface.
  • OFF/ON switch allows for untrained operator use.
  • Set supply temperatures of the HTF for more accurate cold weather concrete curing.
  • Individual return temperature display for monitoring each return for peace of mind.
  • Fuel gauge and low water alert are added to the control box for trouble shooting.
  • Flow is increased through larger sized and shorter piping, resulting in faster thawing and, when used with available unit heaters, more warm air delivery.
  • New Power/In – Power/Out and free-wheeling feature for reel operation with dynamic brake.

Breakthrough Technology

Improved capability with patented HEATZONE fluid
distribution technology.

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