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Whether thawing, curing, or heating, nobody does it better than Thawzall. Our exclusive line of HEATZONE® equipment soaks your winter construction project with an even, uniform envelope of heat.

Setting The Bar

Simply the best hydronic heater on the market!

Reliability Guaranteed

Thawzall builds rugged and reliable portable heaters for the rental markets where dependability and serviceability are key elements for a successful rental customer.

Simply The Best

Thawzall is proud to be your industry leader in hydronic and flameless heat!

Industry Applications

Oil & Gas

Ground Thawing

Concrete Curing

Frost Prevention

Glycol Heaters

Thawzall glycol heaters are based on the science of heat transfer. Delivering consistent volume and temperature with a low pressure level, these are the most fuel efficient glycol heaters available today. Thawzall glycol heaters are used for a myriad of applications—ground thawing, cold weather concreting, temporary heat for the construction, oil and gas trades.

Flameless Heaters

Thawzall flameless heaters are the highest output, most efficient heaters on the market. Thawzall flameless heaters deliver “real BTUs”, “real heat” regardless of the coldest ambient temperature environment!

“Thawzall thaws faster and more evenly and uses half the fuel of the nearest competitor”~Innovative Builders

“This system is so simple, easy to operate and efficient – it is revolutionizing the ‘flameless heat market’!”

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