The simplest
and most
efficient way to Thaw Ground or Cure Concrete


Breakthrough Technology

Improved capability with patented HEATZONE fluid distribution technology.

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Superior Heat Transfer

Newly designed Manifold System provides more flow for better heat transfer. With 5 Heating Zones the TCH250 is more versatile than ever for both ground thawing and concrete curing applications.

Also comes equipped with a 1″ Quick Coupler for accommodating Heat Exchangers and other accessories.


Simple Control & Operation

Easy Operator Interface – newly designed control box located at rear passenger side with 1 Single OFF/ON switch for simple operation.

Set supply temperatures of the HTF for ground thawing and concrete curing applications.

Individual return temperature readings for each of the 5 Zones displayed on Digital Control Screen.

Fuel gauge and low water alert are added to the control box for trouble shooting.


160 Gallon Fuel Tank for longer run times

Powered Hose Reel with free-wheeling option for one person operation.

On board pump for charging the system with glycol when needed.

Optional Standard and Long Run Generators available.


  • Thaw Frozen Ground
    sq ft
    3000 - 6000
    sq m
  • Cure Concrete
    sq ft
    sq m


  • Size
  • Weight (Fuel Full)
    5900 lbs